On the banks of the Thames, just outside Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Castellum has built a modern styled house using a blend of traditional materials and a combination of traditional load bearing brick and cavity blockwork coordinated with a structural steel frame.

The steel skeletal frame allows for the very open planned living space and this wing is flanked by a glazed curtain wall at both ends which have been designed to take wind loads.

Groundworks required a full-time archaeological watch and brief due to the sensitive nature of the site. Castellum also had to work closely with an arboriculturist to install the correct root protection due to Tree Preservation Orders and other trees of interest.

Soil Investigation surveys highlighted multiple soft spots due to the site’s close proximity to the river. Working closely with the structural engineer the foundations were kept as strip foundations, however a combination of steps and cantilever rafts were used to avoid the need for pilled foundations.

The fabric and glazing package was designed to achieve the highest possible SAP rating and our clients chose to use a combination of renewable energy to provide electricity and heating. Air source heat pumps provide heating and hot water. PV panels were installed on the Boat House to help provide electricity for the property. Two electric car charging points were installed within the garage. Water for garden irrigation is from the river (permission was granted by the environmental agency to do this) and a MVHR system provides the whole house with ventilation and bathroom extraction, whilst heat recovery circulates warm air prior to removal from the property.