On the river bank.

by | Apr 2023 | Journal

The Red Sheds

Castellum have started work on a new private residence on the banks of the Thames in Marlow. Next door to the abbey and designed by Fletcher Crane Architects this stunning contemporary home includes a boat house with a jetty and the house features an internal glazed courtyard, a zinc roof and a water feature leading to the front door.

Not just one award but two…! This year we are very proud to showcase The Draycott. Apartment No 1 has scooped winner of the Best New House in London at the Evening Standard’s Property Awards and we also, in conjunction with CAL (Chepstow Advisory Limited) were highly commended for the Best Boutique Development. The Draycott is a development of 10 luxury apartments in fashionable Chelsea.

Whilst open plan living is still a lifestyle that suits many of us, the reality of lockdown has perhaps made us rethink our homes once again.

Whilst it certainly has many advantages (it is more sociable, it tends to be lighter and brighter, it feels flexible, spacious and multifunctional), such spaces come with challenges too (they are more expensive to build with greater expanses to span, they are more challenging to heat, they can be noisy and if you aren’t particularly organised, they can quickly become cluttered and untidy).

It may seem counter-intuitive to some, but the idea of separated spaces is returning in popularity. As ever, if you can have it all (a large open plan living room and additional rooms with purpose) so much the better.

Here at Castellum we are finding that our clients are choosing a variety of ‘trophy’ rooms – spaces designed with true purpose in mind.

Media rooms and cinemas where people can be free of other distractions are popular. Some want home gyms, treatment rooms, yoga studios and the like, whilst others want bars or wine cellars to socialise in. Offices and libraries are highly prized, as are hobby rooms, golf simulators or music rooms. As is the norm, it boils down to budget and personal preference and the deeper the pockets, the more options become available.